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Uribaba is Bengal’s first independent free content station. If you crave good, well-crafted Bengali entertainment then this is your destination.

This is an online digital platform that brings the freshest new talent in Bengal to the fingertips of Bengalis everywhere. With a wide variety of content, Uribaba strives to cater to the tastes and sensibility of modern 21st century Bengal. With a host of exclusive new original content, it showcases an array of fiction and non-fiction content.

From web series, short films and sketches to music videos, concerts and infotainment, everything is available on Uribaba. Each new show brings with it a fresh burst of comedy, drama and vibrant energy. Viewers can now watch free online Bengali content from anywhere they want with new content being added every week.

This platform seeks to bring together the creativity, raw talent and unique flavours simmering within the soul of Bengal today. It is owned by Trickster and Span Productions who are the creators of several highly acclaimed webs series like Cartoon, Japani Toy, Dhanbad Blues, Shobdo Jobdo and others. Uribaba is the brainchild of two of Bengal’s young creative minds- Sourav Chakraborty and Amit Bose. Along with Sanjib Dhirani, they are the ‘Uribaba Backbenchers’ who have founded this new venture.

With several shows like 5MM On The Rock, Birohi and Duware Bouma already striking a chord with the audience, Uribaba is going to show the flair of Bengal to the entire world with a whole range of upcoming series and shows.

At Uribaba, we believe- when in doubt always ‘Search Kor, Research Kor’. Here, you will always get content that connects and entertains.

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