For any help or queries, you can mail Uribaba Customer Support at or call on +913346049966.

Since Uribaba focuses on Bengali entertainment, it provides viewers with a diverse range of fiction and non-fiction content in different forms such as short films, web series, sketches, music videos, musical programs and infotainment.

You can sign up with Uribaba with your mobile number and email address. This can be done from .

Uribaba is Bengal’s first independent free content station. Thus, you can watch all of Uribaba’s content absolutely free on Uribaba’s website and YouTube channel without having to bother with paid subscriptions.

Most of Uribaba’s original web series come with English subtitles. We are trying to quickly reach a point where every single video released by Uribaba will also have English subtitles so that everyone can enjoy Uribaba’s non-stop entertainment without any issues.

Uribaba updates its collection every month with new web series, game shows, skits and a variety of non-fiction content. New episodes are released every week.

Uribaba is committed to bringing the best of Bengali entertainment and infotainment to viewers. Feedback from viewers is the most crucial input for us here at Uribaba. The more you let us know about what you think about our content, the faster we can start working on new seasons for all our series.

All of Uribaba’s content is available in HD. They can be watched in 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p and 144p.

If your internet data is limited and you need to regulate your data consumption, we recommend that you manually change the resolution to a lesser one to ensure that there is lesser consumption of internet data.